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Rules for checked baggage

All travellers and their luggage (including checked in baggage) are required to go through security checks. We ask you to pack all items that do not meet the hand baggage rules in your checked in bags.

You are prohibited from carrying items that pose a risk to, or can be used to threaten, the security of the aircraft, its passengers and staff members within your checked-in (also known as hold or registered) luggage. The list of banned items includes but is not limited to explosive and incendiary devices and substances, ammunition, detonators, mines, grenades and other explosive military items or substances, pyrotechnics, smoke bombs and cartridges, replicas of explosive devices etc.

Checked-in bags are carried in the aircraft’s cargo hold.

Advice for packing for your trip:

  • Always pack your own bags!
  • Never agree to carry items or parcels for strangers, even if they seem sincere and you want to help!
  • Make sure you know the contents of all the items you are carrying – be sure they do not contain prohibited items and substances!
  • Do not leave your baggage unattended!

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