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Hand Luggage FAQ

Make security checks smoother by familiarising yourself with the hand baggage rules: read the FAQs and prepare before you enter the pre-flight security control area. Coming to the airport prepared will ensure you and your fellow passengers will have a pleasant experience and your journey will start stress-free.

How to get through the pre-flight security checks quickly?

We recommend that you pack your liquids in checked-in or hold luggage and ensure that you are not carrying any prohibited goods in your handbags or pockets. Follow any instructions from our security staff! Don’t forget that random checks are being carried out for your safety and protection and even if there is nothing wrong with your bag, we might still test it for explosives.

What is the definition of a liquid?

In most cases, it is quite obvious – perfumes and drinks, for example, are clearly liquids. However, anything that isn’t in a solid form may constitute as a liquid: gels (i.e. hair gels), pastes and creams (face creams, tooth paste, shaving foams), sprays (deodorants, hair sprays) and even some food items that are not solid need to comply with the regulations set for liquids.

Are water bottles and other drink bottles prohibited?

Yes, if your water bottle contains liquid andis larger than 100ml, you won’t be allowed through the security with it.

What about travelling with medication?

Yes, you are allowed to carry medication and special dietary foods in your hand luggage even if they are in a liquid form. Just remember that all of them will be subject to inspection and possible testing during the security check: pack them separately and make sure they are within easy reach to be presented at the security check.

Can I take baby food on board the plane?

Yes, you can pack the baby food you’d need during your journey in your hand luggage. Baby food may be opened and tested at security, so please make sure it’s easy to reach and in re-sealable containers.


May I use my own plastic bag for liquids?

Yes, we would recommend you pre-pack your liquids before you come to the airport. The bag must be transparent, re-sealable and with a capacity of up to 1 litre. The contents must fit the bag comfortably and the bag must be completely sealed during the security check.

Can I keep the contact lens fluid in my hand baggage?

Yes, if you need the fluid during your flight. Please make sure the container is less than 100ml, otherwise it will have to go in your checked in luggage.

Can I take cough and cold medicine in my hand luggage?

Yes, if they are in containers of 100ml or less and are packed into a re-sealable plastic bag with a capacity of up to 1 litre. Though we would recommend you keep your medication in your checked in luggage unless you really need it during the flight.

Can I carry food such sardines, sprats, bread, jam, honey and other food items in my hand luggage?

You can travel with food items that are solid or in containers of up to 100ml. However, we would suggest keeping food items in your checked in luggage.


Can I take nail clippers, small scissors or pocket knives on board the plane?

If the blades of scissors or knives does not exceed 6cm, you can carry them on board in your hand luggage. But we stronglyadvise you to keep all sharp items that might endanger the aircraft, passengers or staff in your checked in luggage.

Is Tartu Airport the only airport with this tight security requirements?

No, our pre-flight security checks include passenger and luggage screenings that comply with the standards set by the European Parliament and Council in directive number 300/2008 and are implemented the same way in all European Union countries.

What happens to the items that are prevented from passing through the security checks?

Prohibited items and liquids can be left with our security guards who will take care of their safe and secure destruction.


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