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Photography and filming at the airport

Taking pictures and filming at the airport requires a special permit to protect the privacy and safety of our visitors and staff. Airports work in a very specific way and it’s not always possible to allow filming and photo shoots to take place on the airport grounds.

Filming and photography for news segments: filming and taking pictures at the airport for news segments is free of charge to media outlets, but you will require prior permission from our PR-team [email protected].

Filming and photographing for commercial purposes:

If you’d like to use Tartu Airport for a photo-shoot or as a filming location, please contact our marketing team at [email protected]. Be sure to include details such as your company name and contact details, the purpose of the shoot, your preferred date and duration of the shoot, number of participants and crew members, what equipment you intend to bring and which part of the airport you would like to use.

The airport reserves the right to refuse permission to film and photograph on airport premises.